【Review 】Grand Theft Auto V| ゲーム島〜ゲーム伝道師:古川小百合のやり込み動画マガジン〜

【Review 】Grand Theft Auto V

Los Angeles is so terrible !


Now , I am playing a game  that is “GTA5” .

I am confusing many people are too dangerous for humans.


Lamar whom friend of Franklin is a very bad person .
He warns Lamar to stop to aomething wrong  . However , …

I wanted to relax when I was playing this GAME . So ,I will help tourists in trouble .And , I support the work of the adjacent acquaintance .

Second person , is  more BAD  PERSON like as YAKUZA.
He lives with his family to the mansion .
However , he has been cheating .
In addition , his son , is a spendthrift .
Friction of my heart does not stop .


In order to see the beautiful landscape , I went to the ferris wheel in Santa Monica .
Next , I talked with the fortune-teller and after he  be fighting the aliens .

This game’s Vast maps , graphics and humor  is gorgeous !


This world is made so luxury for players.

Text by Sayuri Furukawa